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August 28, 1987   Established Yung Teh Enterprise Co.
July 2002            Relocated to the new plant in Luchu, Taoyuan, Taiwan
April 8, 2005       Reorganized to Yung Teh Machinery Co., Ltd.


Yung Teh Machinery is a specialized manufacturer of hydraulic forming machines and other hydraulic machinery and equipment. All of our machines come with precision structure, rigid platform and durable hydraulic pistons built under thorough heat treatment and stringent quality control. We adopt only imported or high-quality locally made parts and components for our machines, with strictly designed hydraulic systems to enable durable and long-term operations. All of our machines are also equipped with the latest safety devices to ensure the safety of operators on site. 

Yung Teh’s hydraulic machines are suitable for drawing, forming, stamping and shearing of various kinds of metals for the production of automobile/motorcycle parts and components, kitchenware, washbasins, metal containers and hardware for electric appliances


Yung Teh is engaged in the manufacture and sale of all kinds of hydraulic machines and devices, repairing of specialized hydraulic machines made by Germany, Japan and other countries, as well as distribution and import/export of related hydraulic equipment, parts and components. Our business also covers industrial-use hydraulic sheet metal forming machines, single-column hydraulic presses and die-spotting machines for automobile, precision molding, forging, household appliance and hardware industries. We can also manufacture customized platforms for all kinds of machines.


The pursuit of upmost quality standards, the offering of comprehensive after-sale services and long-term commitment in research and development have been our business policy since Yung Teh was established. We aim to obtain confidence and affirmation from our clients so as to establish strong business relationships, building up the foundation for a solid and long-lasting business.

We believe that Quality always comes first and so does the Customer.

We carry out year-end assessment on the effectiveness of quality control programs for use to set up quality control goals for the coming year. We also establish scalable quality objectives in related departments to ensure that our products meet with stringent quality requirements as well as the company’s quality policy.


We offer Letter of Guarantee for all of our products and carry out the following set of measures to dedicate our commitment to the development, execution and improvement of quality management policy:

  1. All quality control measures are verified by executive management;
  2. To communicate and recommend the importance for conforming customer’s requirements as well as government’s statutes and regulations;
  3. To set up quality control objectives;
  4. To establish quality policy;
To assure the availability and utilization of all necessary resources for the implementation of quality control measures.



ADDRESS:No.6, Ln. 231, Sec. 1, Fuhua Rd., Luzhu Dist., Taoyuan City 338, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL : 886-3-212-7796、886-3-212-7797
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