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Product introduction: This series of crimping machine is way steel bars casing with hydraulic pressure, so that close bonding with the steel casing. The suitable industrial is for construction industry, the metal material processing industry. And so on .....
Model   YTC-HPR-290
capacity TON 290
stroke mm 60
模具高度 mm 200
Main pump   BIERI
Main motor HP 7.5
Pressure kg/cm2 650

Capacity can be custom ordered, can choose different types of touch screen to control machine movements to meet customer needs.



1. Cylinder tube and piston roe all with one-piece design to ensure service lifetime, harden rod surface and line ground.
2. Machine installed front and back feed protection net.
3. Programmable logic controller and Japan standard electric components.
4. Oil temperature readout on the panel.
5. Use the forced-air cooling type oil temperature cooler.
6. Uses the pressure switch. (Made in italy)


1. The pressure digital display tonnage, easy monitoring of pressure.
2. Stand alone oil heat exchanger.
3. Use the high efficiency oil cooler. (The cooling water piped away by the customer)


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